Time To Revisit The Immersive Haunted House, Hauntu for Their Latest Horror Episode!

(source: ihauntu)

Usually when you go to a haunted house, it will stay the same. Most people would just pop by once, and they’re done. But the spooky season has officially started at Hauntu, Malaysia’s first immersive rumah hantu which recently launched the 2nd instalment of their 3-part haunted experience!

If you were one of the brave souls who conquered the first episode – The Thief, now you can come back and resume the storyline with the second episode – The Tourist. While each episode can be ‘played’ as a stand alone story, they are all linked through a particular mysterious entity that haunts the hotel throughout the decades.

So don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to experience the first episode, because although all episodes are related, you won’t be completely in the dark! Well, figuratively that is.

Hauntu isn’t like any other haunted houses. You can take on the roles of characters in a story, interact with other characters performed by real actors and actresses, and make decisions that will affect the outcome of the experience. Basically, it’s Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch but on crack.

While Episode 1 brought visitors into the story of Harimau Gang in the 1980s, the latest episode will take a nostalgic trip even further down memory lane – all the way back to Malaysia’s inaugural Independence Day in 1957. Featuring a completely new set and storyline, The Tourist is sure to delight fans, history buffs and newcomers alike.

It’s especially cool as the new episode will expand with a total of six possible endings depending on your actions.

“Compared to Episode 1, where players are focused on one mission, we want the players to focus more on the storyline in Episode 2. We have therefore made their roles even more central to the story. There will be much more to take away from the story this time,” said creative director of Hauntu, Johnny Ong.

An episode can take about an hour to complete, with a group of (maximum) 10 players or as a single player. If you can’t find nine other people to join you, you can join other groups at the venue – the staff there will sort you out. Or if you’ve got the balls for it, you can enter alone as a single-player, just let them know beforehand. Eee… takot!

Hauntu is located in LINC, a 5-minute walk from the Jalan Ampang LRT station. It is open daily from 11am to 11pm, the last admission is at 10pm. Admission fee is priced at RM58 per person and it’s definitely worth it!

For more information or to uncover the stories at Hauntu, visit their website, here.

For bookings, call them at +6011-1686 9199 

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