This Food Delivery Guy Playing Piano in an Empty Lobby is Breaking Our Hearts

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Screenshot from Twitter. source: @IzatYuan

Everyone has a role to play during this trying time, but the people on the frontlines deserve our appreciation and gratitude. These people are health care workers, police and everyone else who are working tirelessly every day to make sure we’re safe. And while we stay in the comfort of our homes waiting for our food, riders go out each day without complaint to deliver them.

One abang delivery in particular displayed not only his skill at his job but at the piano as well.

In a video shared by Izat Yuan on Twitter, the guy was sitting quietly alone at the piano playing soft tunes, all while still strapped to his bag after a successful delivery. It impressed and warmed the heart of netizens who came across it on their timeline.

Thanks to the replies on the thread, we now know that the song in the first video was ‘Kisah Cinta Kita’ by Hafiz Suip, while the latter was ‘Havana’ by Camila Cabello. The now-viral tweet even reached the pianist/delivery man himself, Amirullah, who simply said he had some free time after making the delivery so he decided to dabble at the keys for a bit. He also said;

“I never took any classes. I just learned it from YouTube. Nothing is impossible.”

From transforming a spare room into a spaceship to people dressing up as hantu to scare kids disobeying the MCO, the pandemic has shown us so many gems and the creativity that we all possess. Shout out to the piano man!

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