Malaysian Artistes Create Imaginative Covid-19 Themed Songs

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source: TheSmartLocal

In light of the MCO which has been going on for x amount of days (because most of us have honestly lost count), many Malaysians have found creative ways to occupy their time. For the musically inclined, the obvious choice would be to make some songs with all the free time on our hands, which is exactly what two groups of artistes have been doing according to mStar.

source: YouTube

Meet Sheith Fakis of the Gombak Hillbillies group, who crafted a lovely country-themed song titled ‘Covid-19 Blues’. He posted a video of himself at home, jamming this tune with his wife and daughter by his side on what appears to be their living room couch.

Have a listen:

In the video’s description, he explained that this was his first original song upload about his “experience of being in lockdown. Most of it is true, except that my wife is not a jerk. I just needed something to rhyme with berserk.”

Sheith Fakis wasn’t the only one to get in a musical mood during this time of crisis. Several rap songs by local artistes have been released such as ASYRFNSIR’s track ‘Virus‘ but have you ever heard a R&B Nasyid that’s so irresistibly vibe-able? Yes, R&B flavoured Nasyid – take a minute to process that.

Genre bending Nasyid-group, Afliq. source: mStar

In their aptly named track called ‘Corona’, the group lightly addresses the topic of Coronavirus while sharing some useful advice to boot. The track even features a sample of PM Muhyiddin Yassin’s speech urging Malaysians to “Just. Stay. Home.”

Personally, i think this song bops! Have a listen yourself and tell me it doesn’t slap. I would like to thank Afliq and the Gombak Hillbillies for making the thought of an extended MCO all the more bearable.

Vibe to these tunes while you enjoy some JUICE ~

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