This Fisherman Found a Fish With an Alligator Head in The Waters of Sabak Bernam

(Source: I love Sungai Besar on Facebook)

Time and time again, we hear about strange creatures of the deep being discovered, often times washed ashore or caught in the nets of fisherman.

Recently, a fisherman had spotted and caught a peculiar fish with a head of an alligator in the waters of Sabak Bernam, Selangor near Kampung Sungai Lang.

It was not long before the picture of the unique fish went viral on social media, resulting in many shocked netizens. Eventually, a Facebook page called I love Sungai Besar identified the fish as “Alligator Gar”. This was later confirmed by the Department of Fisheries in Malaysia.

This is pure nightmare fuel. (Source: I love Sungai Besar Facebook)

According to National Geographic, Alligator Gar is a freshwater carnivorous fish that can be found mainly in North and Central America. It is also known to be the largest fish species in North America but does not pose a threat to humans even if their looks are quite demeaning.

(Source: Illinoi. Gov)

It’s still a mystery how this freshwater fish got all the way from North America to the waters of Selangor, although it should be noted that Alligator Gars are sold as pets here. It’s likely that someone bought it and released the fish in local waters. What’s amazing is that it survived and was able to grow to that size – as the fish is usually sold as pets when they’re still young and about 2 inches long.