Grouper Fish Eats All Of His Friends Because He Is Depressed Without The Company Of Human Visitors

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The coronavirus pandemic has caused many educational animal centres such as zoos and oceanariums to shut down in order to lessen the spread of the virus. This leaves most animals to feel lonely and sometimes even depressed due to the lack of interaction from humans.

Recently, a grouper fish by the name of Mikko who lives in the Linnanmaki Sea Life centre in Helsinki, Finland has been feeling quite gloomy due to the decline of visitors in the aquarium. Due to his sadness, he has picked up the tendency to eat all his tankmates without thinking twice. 

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According to an interview with his keeper Marcus in The Lad Bible, they placed a lionfish in his tank as a pal, thinking for sure that he would not eat it, but in the end he did, leaving him all alone in the tank again.

For a fish, Mikko does have terrible table manners as for his 16th birthday, he was presented a birthday cake made from salmon and shrimp which he quickly gobbled up but despite all the food, Mikko is still depressed.

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When boredom strikes, he tends to sit at the bottom of the tank and the colouration of his scales turn pale and grey. However, staff have been trying their best to lift Mikko’s spirits by turning on the television so that it helps him feel like there are visitors.

Trying to resist to eat your pals in the same tank as you could be a first-world problem if you’re a fish. We hope that Mikko gets to control his tendencies so he would not be lonely for too long.