LOL! This Artist’s Imaginary Hybrid-Animals Will Make Your Day!

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*All images by GYYPORAMA

With mad photoshop skills and a love of animals, Norwegian student Arne Olav Gurvin Fredriksen, who’s more known as GYYPORAMA – mixes various species of animals to create completely new and bizarre creatures. His animal hybrids are cute, silly, dorky, and sometimes a little bit creepy, but they will definitely make your day!

He first started creating these majestic animals in late 2012 for pure entertainment when he was studying, but then stopped in 2013. Fredriksen told Bored Panda that after a few years, he started picking up the hobby once again and noted that he doesn’t have a routine on selecting what animals to mash up.

“I usually start by finding an animal photograph that I really like and then try to figure out what could suit it while looking natural. I follow a bunch of animal accounts on Instagram to get inspiration for different animal types,” he stated.

While we really do wish that some of these animals existed in real life, some are better left unseen. Scroll down and see for yourself, you might never look at the original animals the same way again…

1.  Doggorang

2. Burb

3. Samoyird

4. Felinguin

5. Gazird

6. Bullrus

7. Forilla

8. Horgull

9. Bish

10. Pear

11. Spowl

12. Squix

13. Meowth

14. Bowl

15. Shalcon

To check out more bizarre animal hybrids, visit Fredriksen’s website, here

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