This Face Mask Can Translate Your Conversation Into 8 Languages, Take Notes & Protect You From COVID-19

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source: Donut Robotics

JUICE has covered many different types of face masks ever since the pandemic hit. From gold-plated, Harry Potter-themed, transparent to even face masks made out of Ikea shopping bags, it seems like we’ve got it all in that department.

However, this latest innovation from Japan takes the cake because this new smart mask will be able to translate and transcribe our conversations into eight different languages as well as create meeting minutes and amplify our voices.

source: Donut Robotics

Developed by Donut Robotics, this smart-mask named C-face, is their solution to our various communication barriers, most notably the language barrier. Not only can it translate and transcribe conversations into English, Mandarin, French, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Spanish and Viet, but it can also act as a speaker for our voices, making it easier for others to hear us behind the mask.

Additional features include the ‘Meeting Minutes’ feature which will definitely be useful for those working in offices. The company also plans to come out with AR and VR technology as an update for the future model.

Watch the video below to find out more about this amazing smart-mask:

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