This Matsalleh Got His Passport Denied Because Of His Explicit Surname ‘Fu-Kennard’

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(source: The Independent)

Nope, we did not make this up! A man who’s originally named Kenny Kenard from the United Kingdom thought it would be funny to change his name to Kenny Fu-Kennard three years ago.

According to The Star, the name change was an epic fail because the 33-year-old is now banned to fly out of his country due to his surname being deemed “too rude” to be on a passport.

Although he was successful in getting a driving license under the new name, the British government office was not playing around when they rejected his application for a passport three times this year. They cited a policy of guideline series of “names that may cause outrage or offence” and that could be classified as “unacceptable” and not fit for a passport.

It includes “the use of swear words; sexually explicit references; inappropriate religious connotation; is vulgar, offensive, or libellous to an individual; makes use of a name of a person living or dead which may cause public concern.”

(source: The Star)

He was told that if he wanted to take the matter further, he needed to contact his local MP – which he did.

However, the office for Conservative MP Scott Mann agreed with the Home Office stating they were “within its remit to refuse [his] request for a passport under the name [he has] chosen”.

You would think this is a one-time thing but in a report by The Mirror, Kenny first changed his name to ‘Coco Kenny’ when he was 16. After he joined the Army at the age of 19, he said he was told to change it back because it was “immature”. Welp, the clownery went full throttle once he was out huh?

(source: Pinterest)

The matter will not be resolved until Kenny changes his name, which he believes is a restriction of his freedom. He also stated that he felt like a prisoner in his own country. Kesian… 

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