Croc Gloves Are Here and We Can’t Make It Go Away

(source: Funny or Die)

In a world where fashion ideas are limitless, some people just go way over the line to create unnecessary, ugly and impractical things – like these croc gloves. Why does it exist? We don’t know for sure, but it’s here now.

We know Crocs were once a hot item. Almost everyone had a pair and you’d buy the pins to pimp-up your pair. Even high end fashion brands like Balenciaga and Christopher Kane have reinterpreted the design for the runaway.

Balenciaga’s Plateform Crocs. The uglies for the high ends. (source: Insider)

As we’ve said before, these croc gloves gives no logical explanation as to why it should exists. The video comes from Unnecessary Inventions on YouTube, which gives us a good look at them. It still sports the heel strap for some reason, and are fingerless.

The inventor—who’s also created unconventional items like sole-less shoes, a pizza-shaped fanny pack and a smartphone-size umbrella—created the wacky gloves using a 3-D printer.

So… In what climate can we actually wear this besides a post-zombie apocalypse? The rubber should be strong enough to hold off a bite from the undead.

When that day comes, we might consider this to be a genius invention. Until then, please put them in a box and lock them away. It burns our eyes.

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