This Confusing Raya Song Promotes Online Gambling During The Holy Month of Ramadan

There’s nothing more tone-deaf than a Raya song released during Ramadan about online gambling.

Currently going viral on Twitter after being shared by multiple accounts, GDBET333’s Raya anthem is not only awful to the ears but extremely disrespectful and ultimately, illegal.

First shared by digital artist @sueannajoe_, she explained that these kinds of companies are shady enough to send their promotions through unwanted text messages on top of their guerrilla marketing.

Making matters worse, gambling is considered haram in Islam and for them to promote their business through a Raya ad, which is the celebration for Muslims after the holy month, is quite frankly mind-boggling.

Not only is the song about gambling, but it also includes Malay talents wearing the hijab, further painting a bad picture of the religion.

Take a look:


This is probably another case of an over-ambitious company desperately attempting to gain any publicity, even if it might land them in serious trouble.

If you didn’t already know, online gambling is illegal in Malaysia but it doesn’t make it any less popular amongst the locals. Despite it being run underground with zero regulations, people still flock to gambling ports which leads to a slew of raids and arrests.

The penalty for online gambling in Malaysia is a fine of up to RM5,000, and up to six months’ jail under the Common Gaming Houses Act.

So, it’s up to you to decide. You can either cuci bersih in gambling or cuci your lokap.