This Adorable Uncle Goes Viral for Promoting His Wife’s Delicious Baked Goods at Sungai Buloh R&R

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(Source: @aisyj on twitter)

Searching for love is a difficult task but once you’ve found the one who will compliment you and support you through all of life’s challenges, make sure to hold on tight.

Recently, a viral video shared by Twitter user @aisyaj of an uncle selling bread has been making its rounds on Twitter. The clip shows him showering his wife’s baked goods with praise as he tries to sell them to passers-by at Sungai Buloh’s R&R.

In the video, the uncle mentions that the stall sells 22 types of bread and even has testers for customers who would like to try them.

But what really takes the cake (yes, pun intended) is how the uncle speaks in perfect English while endlessly complimenting his wife’s baking skills. You can hear the joyful lilt in his voice whenever he talks about her… So cute!

(Source: @asiyj on twitter)

Among the goods promoted in the video were Korean garlic cheese, chocolate peanut butter bun and chocolate banana buns. The uncle also highlights that high-quality cream cheese was used in the Korean garlic cheese bread making it soft and delicious when eaten.

Several netizens who were touched by his heartwarming personality are now eager to try his bread whereas some individuals who have tried them can attest to the fact that his bread is indeed as delicious as he describes it to be.

Take a look…

At this point, if you’re near the Sungai Buloh area, you need to stop by the R&R to try this uncle’s bread. I mean, how could you resist after listening to the way he goes on about it?