These Cute Handmade Nintendo Pins Done by a Malaysian Artist Are Great For a Switch in Style

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The pandemic is tiring for all of us but if there’s one good thing we can think of – its the number of new talents that have emerged during these times. And we’re not tired of covering them.

Thanks to Animal Crossing, a lot of Malaysians decided to pick up a Nintendo Switch to kill time during MCO. If you haven’t gotten on the Switch hype-train, maybe you can start small (literally) with these cute hand-made pins.

From Nintendo Switch to colourful characters, Cher Maine Peh, @made.bymaine on Instagram, crafted these pins individually from polymer clay.

Check them out:

The pins were launched yesterday and each one is hand-made by Cher Maine herself. Since this is just the beginning, the designs are limited but there are still plenty to choose from.

Your plain ol’ bag or caps would definitely look better with these pins on. We’re looking forward to more cool and cute designs from her real soon.

Photos: Cher Maine Peh