This Beautifully Illustrated Book Tells The History Of Your Favourite Malay Kuih From Apam To Wajik

source: The Straits Times

Kuih-muih, from the ones that come out fresh from a makcik’s kuali on the streets to the fancy ones we can get at hotels, holds a special place in the hearts of most Malaysians.

We certainly know how they look like and how they taste, but most of us don’t really know where they came from. The book Kuih: From Apam To Wajik; A Pictorial Guide On Malay Desserts tells the origins and histories of these snacks we all love.

source: Tintabudi (Twitter)
source: Tintabudi (Twitter)

All your questions about your favourite kuih will be answered in this beautifully illustrated book which aims to encourage a “deeper cultural understanding of the diversity of Malay kuih”.

It breaks down 120 Malay kuih, from their particular shapes, similarities and differences – each kuih has a history behind it.

source: Tintabudi (Twitter)

Besides making you crave for some Lepat Pisang at 2am from the charming visuals, the publisher also hopes that the book will serve as ‘food for thought’, sparking interest among readers to dive deep into the rich heritage of Malay food.

Published by Helang Books, Kuih: From Apam To Wajik; A Pictorial Guide On Malay Desserts is written by Hidayah Amin and illustrated by Jafri Janif. You can get a copy for yourself for only RM90 at Tintabudi.