The Rape of a Nigerian Woman in Malaysia is Currently Being Investigated by PDRM

A young woman, who goes by the name Nicole, was allegedly raped recently by several men after she went home with one of them. She met the first perpetrator at a club where she agreed to follow him back to his hotel. Once there, the woman was severely beaten and gang-raped by the man and his friends who were waiting for their arrival.


After the first rape, he then proceeded to drag her to another location where a new set of men were waiting to rape her as well. They allegedly took photos of her naked and threatened to post them on Facebook if she were to report them to the authorities.

According to The Star, she managed to escape captivity when a woman at the apartment where she was held helped her flee. However, since she was badly injured, she was then hospitalised. After being admitted for three days, she decided to lodge a police report. Due to the fact that Nicole is Nigerian and undocumented, the police arrested her. She is currently at Kajang Prison awaiting to be charged.

The five men suspected of being her rapists were let out on bail shortly after their arrest. They were investigated under Section 324 of the Penal Code for voluntarily causing hurt. Nicole’s lawyer, however, is pushing for the men to be charged under Section 376 for rape.

Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Seri Mazlan Lazim (source: Bernama)

The men are currently under arrest again and are now being investigated under Section 376 for rape.

An online petition has surfaced on the internet and it has since garnered over 7,000 signatures. The Nigerian Community in Malaysia has alerted the Nigerian High Commission, calling for justice for Nicole.

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