Malaysians Praise Traffic Police for Saving Injured Doggo on Highway

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source: PDRM/ Facebook

Animals have played a huge role in the progress of humanity so it’s only natural for us to want to protect them.

That’s why news of animal abuse and accidents that involve wildlife often makes us click on it, as does the opposite of that content spectrum – acts of kindness towards animals. We found one such act today that you should hear about…

PDRM posted a set of photos on their Facebook page, showing traffic police helping an injured dog that was hit by a car, 13.8  kilometres from the Federal Highway on Friday morning (12 June 2020).

source: PDRM/ Facebook
source: PDRM/ Facebook

A group of traffic police from the Shah Alam District HQ came down to help the injured buddy from the highway, all while making sure the traffic was going smoothly on the road.

“Every creature that exists in this world is precious. Together, let’s be kind and loving to each other because every living being deserves a safe and peaceful life,” PDRM’s caption read.

It’s a universal message that everyone should be able to relate to. We hope the doggo is recovering and able to find a home. Thanks, abang polis!

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