This Malaysian Student Spent 24 Hours On A Tree To Get WiFi For Her Exams

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source: Mashable SEA

Most city folk can’t even imagine living without WiFi – when it goes down, our work and entertainment are thrown into chaos, and let’s face it, that’s pretty much how we spend half of the day. However, for some, the internet is a crucial necessity to be able to progress in life.

Meet Veveonah Mosibin, a foundation student at the University Malaysia Sabah (UMS). Since the Movement Control Order (MCO) took place on 18 March 2020, she’s been on Youtube, sharing many educational and entertaining videos of her day-to-day life that differs from the average student.

You made Dalgona coffee? Ok, but can you make an underground water well from scratch?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. How about cracking open a coconut? Sounds easy, right? Well, try doing it with your bare hands.

Her videos are as entertaining as they are informative – think of Bear Grylls but as a precocious teen.

Since the Recovery MCO (RMCO) is being carried out, school is back in session. Veveonah built a hut on top of a hill so she could get better internet connection for her exams but unfortunately, her hut collapsed due to the heavy rain and strong wind that occurred for an entire week.

Staying true to her resourceful and adventurous self, she had to get creative when her hut collapsed. So, for Veveonah, the next alternative to getting a decent signal would be to… climb a tree!

Equipped with a phone, power bank, water, some food, mosquito netting and exam materials, Veveonah spent 24 hours on top of a tree to finish her exams. As if that wasn’t hard enough, she experienced some trouble from an Asian murder hornet that was caught in the tree tent with her.

The ambience of her surroundings kept her from getting a good night’s sleep, and I’m sure the fact that she had to do it while being propped-up in a tree made it even more difficult.

In a video, Veveonah shared that she works at her family’s orchard, helping them every day. She also mentioned that whenever they go to bed, which is around sunset, there would be no electricity in their house.

Although she faces these daily hurdles, she managed to complete her exams and took each experience as a “challenge”, something that we can all learn from.

You go, Veveonah!

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