Thailand Mall Installs Foot Pedals So You Don’t Have To Touch The Buttons

source: Facebook / Seacon Square

With the Coronavirus being spread through fluids, touching anything in public without protection or sanitiser is considered a huge no-can-do. This makes riding elevators and touching the buttons with our fingers a potential threat to our health, especially if its a well-occupied building like a shopping mall. I mean, we never know if someone just freshly picked their nose and smeared it all over the buttons…

source: Facebook / Seacon Square

It seems the Thai are two-steps ahead of the rest of us when they installed foot-operated pedals in their elevators. Located in Bangkok, these paddles are available at the Seacon Square shopping mall. All patrons have to do is step on the pedals to select which floor they’re heading to. Just make sure you have your shoes on!

The picture of the newly installed innovation has since gone viral and received unanimous praise for its ingenuity. Seacon Square stated on their Facebook page that they hope these pedals will become the new norm for all buildings, so the virus can be curbed and the lockdowns will be lifted.

source: Facebook / Seacon Square

Other than that, they seem to have taken it a step further (no pun intended) by providing hand sanitiser gels in-front of all elevators and escalators, just in case. Additionally, similar to most establishments, guidelines for customers and thermo-scanning checkpoints are available as well.

With innovations like this, adapting to the new normal should be no problem at all. All we have to do is cooperate with regulations and maintain social distancing in order to ensure our own safety as well as the safety of others.

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