DEVO Whips Out Energy Dome Face Shields in Latest Merch Line

(source: Entertainment Weekly)

When a pandemic comes along, you must whip it! According to Asicentral, the futuristic rockers famed for their yellow jumpsuits and red energy dome helmets, DEVO have released a line of merchandise that includes three new T-shirts design and even branded personal protective equipment (PPE)!

Check it out:

The PPE consist of two cotton face masks with the band’s logo and a face shield inspired by the iconic red plastic energy dome that the band sported in their unforgettable music video for their hit single ‘Whip It’.

DEVO member Gerald Casale stated on the website that, “The Energy Dome is in tandem with our 1980 LP… It became the most iconic symbol of the band’s multi-media mission to spread the idea of Devolution”.

“The dome is solid and the attached shield is clear, but it’s what you can’t see that gets you!” the site says. “Stay safe from invisible particles and unwanted bodily fluids in this coordinated, disease-blocking, DEVO Energy Dome PPE kit headgear. The shield attaches to your Energy Dome via Velcro. It’s simple and it’s safe!”

(source: Asicentral)

Certainly a quirkier piece of PPE to hit the market amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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