Thrift For Relief! White Flag Movement Inspires 4 Girls To Organise Fundraiser With Used Clothes

Online thrifting made charitable? Here’s how to shop for a good cause!


50 y/o Wheelchair-Bound Father Raises White Flag To Feed His Two Daughters

He was injured in a hit-and-run 5 years ago.


Unable To Feed Her 60 Cats, Woman Raises Red Flag & Receives Help From Neighbours

She’s also willing to give away her cats.


Single Mother of Four Receives Job Offer, New Flat After Policeman Notices White Flag

The policeman helped spread the word to the public.


Family of Five Living in Small Room for RM350 a Month Discovered After Putting Up White Flag

They can’t afford to enrol their kids in school.


Claiming It’s a Political Propaganda, Kedah Gov Won’t Aid Those Who Raise #BenderaPutih

Despite the overwhelming support for the initiative…


50 y/o Single Mother of Six Raises White Flag After Surviving On Biscuits For 3 Days

Her children are unable to help as their incomes were also affected by the MCO.