Unable To Feed Her 60 Cats, Woman Raises Red Flag & Receives Help From Neighbours

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Source: Kosmo/Kethiswary Dewi Facebook

With the white flag movement catching on and helping many Malaysians in need, other coloured flags have been raised to signal different plights. Recently, a woman raised a red flag because she could no longer afford to buy food for her 60 cats at Taman Jimah Jaya, Site C.

The woman in her 50s did it so the community could help her adopt the cats or donate food for the 60 cats.

Speaking to Kosmo, her neighbour Kethiswary said, “I saw my neighbour raise the red flag and I asked her what’s wrong.”

31-year-old Kethiswary took to her Facebook to help spread the word which went viral three days after.

“She told me that she did not have any income to buy food for her cats and she’s willing to give the cats away to those who are interested in adopting. I’ve uploaded about the matter three days ago and have received some donations such as cat food from my neighbours.”

Kethiswary said there were people who even bought cat food online for her neighbour.

“I didn’t realise there are so many people that are generous enough to donate to my neighbour,” she said.