Single Mother of Four Receives Job Offer, New Flat After Policeman Notices White Flag

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Source: FMT/The Star

Ever since the white flag campaign was brought to life by the rakyat, a lot of under privileged people have been receiving the aid they truly deserve.

After hanging a white flag outside of her house, a single mother of four children received an outpouring aid when a policeman on patrol duty helped to spread their plight to the public including non-governmental organisations.

Speaking to FMT, Nor Waheda said,  “I had to seek help this way (by hanging the white flag) and Alhamdulillah for the caring nature of the policeman, many people came forward to provide us with aid, including from the elected representative and the Melaka Chief Minister’s Office.

“Thank you so much to the policeman for patrolling our housing area and noticing the white flag at my house,” she added.

source: AZHAR MAHFOF/The Star

Ignoring the embarrassment she felt, Nor Waheda put up the flag for the sake of her four children aged between two and 15.

Since she works at a stall selling kuih, Nor Waheda is unable to work during the current movement control lockdown.

Nor Waheda has also been offered a job as a sweeper and a new rented flat in the housing area provided by the Melaka Chief Minister and Melaka Housing Board.

“I feel very grateful and I am determined to work harder to improve our life after we move to our new house,” she said.

Muhammad Ayyad Abdullah, secretary of the community affairs department of the Melaka Chief Minister’s Office said, “We were also informed that the welfare department will channel monthly aid, including child assistance, while the Melaka Islamic Religious Council will provide aid in terms of the monthly house rent.”