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Time to Roll the Dice! Margot Robbie Confirms She Will Produce the ‘Monopoly’ Film

The Oscar-nominated actress is set to produce the ‘Monopoly’ film alongside her production company, LuckyChap, and Lionsgate, in collaboration with Hasbro.


Psychology 101: Diana Danielle Discusses Challenges of Portraying Alzheimer’s on ‘Imaginur’

“I think we should have more films depicting mental health conditions, but they must be done with good intentions,” said Diana.


How ‘A Ghost Story’ Beautifully Captures the Pain of Moving On & Grieving a Loved One’s Death

The slow-burner film that perfectly encapsulates the unfathomable pain of grief.


How ‘Barbie’ Perfectly Showcased the Struggles of Modern M’sian Women

Can a Malaysian feminist relate to the Barbie movie?

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Is the Film Industry Protecting Our Artistes? Here’s How Rape Storylines Could Hurt Our Actors

Why do we suddenly not care about consent when celebrities and artistes are forced to perform ridiculous roles?