Back To The Grind: What We Know About The Upcoming “Saw X” Film So Far

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If you’ve been lying awake at night, wondering what gruesome surprises await you in the upcoming movie Saw X, you’re in for a treat more twisted than your favourite caramel pretzel. With both the iconic Jigsaw and the indomitable Shawnee Smith reprising her role as Amanda, the stage is set for yet another chilling narrative that’ll send razors down your spine.

Let’s dissect the diabolically delectable details of what’s to come:

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First things first, let’s talk timeline. According to the whispers of the press site, Saw X is sneaking its way into the franchise’s labyrinthine plot, planting itself squarely between Saw and Saw II.

We’re heading back to the sinister roots, where traps are as intricate as a spider’s web,  survival is as uncertain as a coin toss in the abyss – and John Kramer (to whom I owe my super catchy pen name) is still alive.

source: The Mary Sue

In fact, in this film, our beloved antihero embarks on a south-of-the-border escapade to Mexico, seeking an experimental medical miracle to cure his cancer. Alas, what he stumbles upon is a heartless scam tactic. Fuelled by a cauldron of vengeance, Kramer unleashes his infamous storm of horrors.

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As for horror and gore, the producers have waved their sinister wand, conjuring up traps so fresh, so inventive, that even seasoned Saw veterans will be in for a spine-snapping surprise. Variety spilled the beans that this instalment is all set to steal not just your hearts, but “other body parts” too.

Well, we all know that each Saw film tends to crank up the horror dial a notch higher as the franchise goes on, and based on the trailer and media shared by the franchise’s Twitter page, there seems to be an incorporation of fires and gears, and one ‘brain surgery’ trap that asks a man to perform brain surgery… on himself.

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But wait, who’s pulling the strings behind this blood-soaked curtain? None other than the maestro of macabre himself, Kevin Greutert. Fans of the franchise might recall his deft touch from Saw VI and Saw 3D. After a stint in other eerie realms, having him back in the director’s chair is like welcoming back an old friend – albeit one with a penchant for nightmares.

At Midsummer Scream 2023 (via The Direct), Greutert also delved into the movie’s length, confirming that with a runtime of 118 minutes, it surpasses all predecessors and even eclipses the record holder, Saw III. He remarked, “This film holds an unprecedented depth beyond its already remarkable content. Believe it or not, it might just be the lengthiest Saw instalment to date… and every minute is purposeful.”

source: BOL News

Greutert hinted further, “As much as the trailer reveals, it’s astonishing how much it withholds. So, those assuming they’ve seen it all are in for a surprise.”

The director, previously at the helm for Saw VI (2009) and Saw 7 or Saw 3D (2010), expressed newfound confidence, a sentiment he didn’t possess during his initial foray.

All of it danced in the shadows of December 2022, when the film’s dark journey began. And now, as Greutert tweeted from the cryptic abyss of social media, the filming coffin has been sealed shut, with February 10th, 2023 marking the date of completion, leaving another set of burning, squirming questions regarding casting speculations.

Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young in Saw X. Photo Credit: Alexandro Bolaños Escamilla

As aforementioned, fresh footage from Saw X unveiled Amanda’s return, now donning a chilling new pig mask as Jigsaw’s apprentice. Rumours also suggest that this film may reveal more about Amanda’s character as a junkie-turned-apprentice, under the watchful eye of John Kramer.

Interestingly, during the creation of the first Saw movie, writer Leigh Whannell and director James Wan aimed to clothe the antagonist in a distinctive mask. Following deliberation, they selected a rotting pig’s head to symbolise Jigsaw’s cynical perspective on the world and his metaphorical “rotting” affliction.

Cary Elwes (Dr. Gordon)’s absence is a lamentable note, yet the allure of new blood stirs intrigue. Regarding Adam, rumours suggest that Saw X could encounter challenges in bringing back Leigh Whannell’s character due to noticeable signs of ageing. The implementation of CGI or recasting options could potentially incur significant costs and disrupt the immersive experience for viewers. A more practical approach could involve utilising archival footage.

Mark Hoffman, played by Costas Mandylor. (source: Slash Film)

However, a glimmer of excitement emerged when a post appeared on social media, confirming the return of Mark Hoffman, (best Saw apprentice ever, argue with the wall).

Also, for those wondering, Saw X is the 10th instalment of the original Saw franchise, after Spiral, a 2017 spin-off. Thus, this film and Spiral share a shadowy lineage but forge distinct paths. Saw X stands alone, a narrative thread distinct from the spiralling web of its counterpart. No Chris Rock, no Max Minghella (sigh)– only the echoes of the abyss and a relentless pursuit of horror in its purest form.

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Apart from that, Producer Oren Koules asserted that the film would answer some pending questions from the previous movies and fans expressed hope that Saw X would shed a light on the enigmatic duo alongside Dr. Gordon in pig masks from Saw 7‘s finale.

These masked figures never unveil themselves in the film, leaving us in suspense. Intriguingly, however, the DVD commentary discloses their identities as Brad and Ryan, the survivors of the love triangle trap at the film’s outset. Also noteworthy is that some fans believe Hoffman may have survived (as he does) the “bathroom scene” ala Dr. Gordon in the first movie.

Whether Saw X addresses either of these instances remains uncertain – we’ll just have to wait and see.

source: Variety

As for future plans, it is said that Saw X marks a potential final chapter for the franchise, with plans to reinvigorate its return to theatres after X. While there’s no definitive end to movie production, the aim is for the audience to feel its absence. This comeback could involve a reimagined Spiral sequel or an entirely new and innovative concept, potentially without Jigsaw.

Meanwhile, Saw‘s vitality will persist through spin-offs like video games and a crucial TV series featuring Tobin Bell’s voice. Also set between Saw and Saw III, this show emerged from lessons learned post-Jigsaw during the development of the Saw X script (then Saw 9). Although in early stages, the current focus remains on Saw X.

So when can you catch John Kramer in all his gory glory?

The exact dates for Asia have yet to be disclosed, but in the U.S., fans can put an ‘X’ on their calendar for September 29 for the official theatrical release. The film’s original premiere was set for October 27, 2023, but it seems the team may have pre-emptively averted a clash with the much-anticipated debut of horror films like FNAF, in line with Halloween.

source: Know Your Meme

Instead, Saw X will share its release day with none other than Paw Patrol. This curious alignment hints at the potential for another ‘Barbenheimer’ phenomenon, where fans indulge in a back-to-back experience of these contrasting films – this time whimsically dubbed ‘Saw Patrol’ in multiple fan-made memes.

You can watch the trailer for Saw X here.

Oh, and by the way, these films align with my birthday, and since I have no solid plans, you get the drift…

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