PHOTOS: Switzerland’s Matterhorn Mountain Lights Up in Solidarity with the World

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source: Switzerland/ Facebook

As we witness history in the making, we are reminded of the spirit of humanity and global unity. In these trying times, the world has shown solidarity not just through social media, but across iconic landmarks.

All the way in Switzerland, an image of Singapore’s flag was projected on Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps, to show solidarity with the country’s the fight against COVID-19.

The caption noted the similarities the two countries have, with different ethnicities living together in peace.

The beautiful displays was a project by Zermatt, the village at the base of the mountain. Light artist Gerry Hofstetter has been illuminating the Matterhorn with various flags of the world since 24 March 2020, as a sign of hope and solidarity to the world.

America’s red, white and blue was recently featured on 16 April 2020.

Check out the rest of the flags that appeared on the ‘Toblerone Mountain’.

Swiss’ neighbour Italy was also featured on the mountain, and the Burj respond kindly by lighting up the tower.

Thailand’s flag was also featured today.

It’s a cool and kind gesture by Switzerland and it goes to show that we’re all in this together.

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