Create IKEA’s Famous Meatballs at Home in 5 Easy Steps with This Guide Designed by IKEA Themselves

source: IKEA/ Flickr

While we think of the good times hanging out at restaurants and cafes with our loved ones, IKEA are giving away their secret recipe for us to try during this quarantine period.

IKEA UK has released the recipe for their famous Swedish meatballs which you can prepare by following a cute step-by-step IKEA manual, just like you would assembling an IKEA product!

This is great as most Malaysians are fans of the famed meatballs (minus the long queues and finding a table). Now, we can make dem ‘balls at home!

It only takes 6 steps for you to recreate the recipe, so put on your chef’s hat and get cooking!

The ingredients:

source: IKEA

Step 1: Making the meatballs

source: IKEA

For Muslims and those who don’t eat pork, you can opt for chicken or just beef!

Step 2: Shaping them

source: IKEA

Although this looks like a no-brainer, it’s important to shape them properly and let them chill beforehand. We’re not making meatsquares here, folks.

Step 3: Cooking

source: IKEA

The recipe doesn’t state what oil you should use, but we recommend olive oil for depth, flavour and aroma or canola oil for a light and neutral flavour.

Step 4: Oven cooking

source: IKEA

Step 3 is just to brown the outside, what we really want to focus on is the inside and that’s the oven’s job.

Step 5: Making the sauce

source: IKEA

The cream sauce is the yin to the meatballs’ yang and it doesn’t come complete unless you have them both. Add some sweet jam if you like, no one’s judging you!

Step 6: Enjoy it with your loved ones (or yourself)

source: IKEA

All that effort comes down to this, enjoying the sweet flavours of your homecooked IKEA meatballs with friends and family or, you know, by yourself.

Whatever the case, anyone can try this recipe, from amateurs to veteran kitchen warriors. Who knows, if you put enough effort into your ‘balls, they might taste better and be cheaper than IKEA’s own ‘balls…

source: Tenor

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