Malaysian Surgeon, Dr. Amalina Bakri, Recruited To Develop Covid-19 Vaccine

source: The Vocket

Known for her generous contributions on Twitter in the form of answering questions and debunking myths related to illnesses, it seems like Dr. Amalina Bakri is not done showing us her bountiful knowledge in her profession.

Now, she has joined the team over at Imperial College in London to help develop a vaccine for the infectious and fatal Covid-19 disease. She is currently in charge of finding volunteers to take part in the medicinal trials which will be conducted at Imperial College’s National Institute of Health Research (NIHR).

According to Imperial College, £22.5mil (RM121.1mil) has been granted to expedite the development of this vaccine. As of right now, experts believe it would take two years to provide the vaccine.

While that is happening, we as citizens must help frontliners by staying at home, practicing social distancing and maintaining our personal hygiene. It is important that we flatten the curve and provide alleviation to those who are working tirelessly in hospitals to treat us.

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