Joe Flizzow, Kidd Santhe, Lucidrari & More Turn All The Way Up At SVG x EK’s Baller Launch Event

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Just took a trip… mana?

I don’t know about you but this past Saturday (25 Feb), I went for the launch of homegrown brands SVG Worldwide and EK Malaysia’s latest collaborative streetwear and accessory collection, aptly named the ‘Baller Edition’.

There was also an insane lineup of fire performances by local rappers and DJs including, but not limited to, Kidd Santhe, Lucidrari and one of the don dadas of Malaysian hip-hop, Joe Flizzow.

I got to the venue at the Al Ikhlas Event Space a little before 12pm because according to the itinerary above, the queue to get tickets for the Baller Edition presentation would start at 11.30am.

The number of slots available to even attend was only for 200 people so it was a siapa cepat dia dapat type deal. Queued, got my number, chilled for a bit with some new bros I met there then finally around 2:30 we went in.

Ashraf Anuar, founder of SVG Worlwide (left) & Eric Keong, founder of EK Malaysia (right)

With some solid sonics and visuals for the presentation, things kicked off as the founders of SVG Worldwide and EK Malaysia, Ashraf Anuar and Eric Keong, walked onto stage to massive applause before unveiling the various products from their new collaborative collection.

See for yourself:

Oh yeah, there was also a diamond-laced, one-of-a kind necklace made by the two brands worth RM20,000 that went on auction starting from as low as RM1000. I honestly wanted to fight for it …but boy was I outmatched.

The highest bid was a whopping RM30,000! Check out who it went to in the short clip below. You might recognise his face and even bump his music on the regular:

Are you starting to see why the event and collection itself was named Baller? In any event, congrats to Kidd Santhe for scoring that icy SVG Worldwide x EK chain.

So as the presentation’s about to wrap up, Ashraf makes a surprise announcement regarding a secret product the two brands had been working on with the help of the one and only, Joe Flizzow.

I didn’t cop that one but I did manage to get myself the fly Baller’ jersey in black. But y’all wanna see some rappers huh? Aite, I gotchu.

Shoutouts Mr. Prez for pulling up.

After a groovy DJ set comprised of nostalgic Malaysian pop classics spun by Jemput Dengar, which I personally feel that more people should have joget to, onto the stage came Kidd Santhe.

The energy was picking up as you can see and I did my best to record as much as I could but I’m not the type to experience a show through the lens of a phone screen when it’s happening right in front of me.

Senang kata, gua tgh enjoy la (I was turning up instead of being on my phone).

With that in mind, I’m breezing through a lot of performances but shoutouts 53STU, Ael D & Ssace, DC Willie, Dannqrack, Fuego, FITTO and any other artist that I missed out. Every single one of y’all had the whole crowd THUMPING!

That being said, I did manage to get various clips of Lucidrari and Ilyas Konlay blessing the mic with a banger of a performance from the both of them (and their whole crew), but I’ll just give you a small taste for now.

In the meantime, you’ve definitely gotta check out the socials and music pages of every rapper I mentioned (click on their names, their all linked to either an IG or Spotify page).

And if you’re looking for some brand new drip, go ahead and browse through the SVG and EK websites.