MUSE Is Finally Returning To Malaysia For Their 2023 ‘Will Of The People’ Tour After 16 Long Years!

source: Qobuz

Yes that’s right everyone, Muse is coming back to Malaysia once again as part of their 2023 Will of The People tour where the band will be performing exclusively in Kuala Lumpur this 29th of July!

Widely recognised as one of the best live bands in the world, Muse has won countless music awards throughout the span of their musical career including two Grammys.

This upcoming one-off show is expected to attract fans from far and wide. The last time Muse performed in Kuala Lumpur was 16 years ago in 2007 which makes their return all the more special for fans in the region.

The event is being organised by Hello Universe. In a press statement, CEO Adam Ashraf expressed his delight at the opportunity to host Muse in Malaysia.

“We are pleased to finally announce that Muse’s Will of The People tour which is happening for one night only will be held in Malaysia.

“Malaysia is rich in diversity, comprising of people from different religions, races and ethnicities. Holding many different cultural and artistic activities has never been a problem, and Muse is most welcome in Malaysia.

Adam also added that concerts and festivals are a great way to boost the country’s economy following the pandemic. The announcement was met with excitement from fans across the continent, particularly in South East Asia.

Muse themselves have expressed their eagerness about the upcoming show as well as their return to Malaysia after 16 long years.

Ticket pre-sales will begin on 2nd March at 10am while regular tickets will be made available on 3rd March, also at 10am local time.

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