Suspects Behind ‘Horror Tahfiz School’ That Abused 8 Children With Canes Arrested

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Sultan Perak perkenan maahad tahfiz dibuka 1 Mac
source: Harian Metro (For illustration purposes only)

An arrest has been made for a couple running what the public deems as a ‘horror tahfiz school’ after allegations of physical abuse came to light last week.

Located in Ampang, the 32-year-old suspect and his 52-year-old wife who owned the centre were arrested after a police raid at 3:45pm on Monday.

Eight students were rescued from the centre and sent to the Ampang district hospital for medical examination. The students were aged between 7 to 15 years old.

The allegations emerged when a woman lodged a police report on Friday after learning that her son was abused at the centre by the couple.

She went to the centre to pay the school fees when she came across a shocking discovery.

Her son ran towards her, hugged her and began crying in fear. He told her that he did not want to return to school.

Upon further inspection, she noticed that her son had scars and fresh injuries all over his body. He had been allegedly punched, caned with a rotan and slapped by the suspects.

During the investigations on the centre, authorities found that the tahfiz school did not have a licence to operate from the state government or religious department.

Currently, both suspects are being held under a remand order for offences under the laws of the Child Act.