Netizens React to PDRM’s Plan to Check Houses During Raya Based on Number of Shoes Outside

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Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa Ramadan Buffet 2018 | Malaysian Flavours
source: Malaysian Flavours

As Hari Raya approaches, Malay-Muslims are gearing up for the celebration by buying their baju raya and planning what food to serve at the open house.

Sadly, this will be the second year whereby Muslims aren’t able to return home to their kampung. Due to Covid-19 SOPs, there are other restrictions that might dampen the holiday spirit.

Despite the joyous occasion, those celebrating will be surveilled by authorities to ensure everyone is adhering to regulations.

According to Kedah police, officers will be patrolling to check on how many cars are parked outside every house to see if the house has exceeded the limit for guests.

Removing shoes outside house can help prevent obesity'
source: Daily Excelsior

However, what tickled netizens was that the officers also stated that they will be checking the number of shoes by the door as well.

Any sneaker-head or shoe-fiend would know that the amount of shoes outside the house is not a fair determinant for how many people reside within that household.

To prove the point, netizens began chiming in on the somewhat odd measure taken by the Kedah police.

Take a look:

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