Foodpanda Walker Touched by Customer’s Text Asking Him To “Buka Puasa” First

On Sunday, Foodpanda Walker, Dinnie Norman Othman received a kind message from his customer asking him to break his fast first before delivering her food.

According to Malay Mail, Dinnie said that he received an order at about 7.12pm which is around the time where Muslims break their fast.

Dinnie was ready to deliver the food to her somewhere along Jalan Imbi, when the customer texted him to ask him to have his meal first. However, he was worried his customer’s meal would end up being too cold to eat so he chose to have a drink instead and only had his food after he delivered the meal.

Here’s how their conversation went:

Conversation between Dinnie and customer. (Source: Malay Mail/Dinnie Norman Othman)

Dinnie: Hi, may I know your location?

Customer: I’m at Melia Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Dinnie: Okay they are frying the chicken now.

Customer: Okay you can come after you break your fast. It’s no problem for me so make sure you break your fast first.

Dinnie: It’s okay, I have to deliver your food first, I’m scared it will get cold but I’ll drink first.

Customer: It’s okay, you can eat first and then deliver. I’m really fine with it, no worries!
Source: Malay Mail/Dinnie Norman Othman
Speaking to Malay Mail, Dinnie said, “I was very touched when the customer told me to eat first as it showed that she cared for me and the work I do especially during the Ramadan month.”
Although this gesture certainly touched Dinnie’s heart and most of us reading, he revealed that he has received similar messages from other customers during especially during this holy month.

“As a Foodpanda Walker, there are times where we need to brace the hot weather and the rain so kind comments from customers really do make us feel appreciated,” he said.