Kajang Youths Volunteered and Donated to Orphanages & Old Folks Homes That Were Affected by Flash Floods

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( Source : @parthikk / Twitter)

Due to their commitment and love towards their neighbourhood, several youths from the Kajang district had lent a helping hand by volunteering and donating to several organisations that were victims of the flood. Amongst these organisations were Pusat Jagaan Ribuan Kasih, which is an orphanage and Rumah Chasity, which is an old folks home that also houses disabled individuals.

The 11 youths, who are mostly college students that reside in the Kajang area, had started out by visiting one of the welfare centres on the first day of the flood (July 19) to give them extra clothes. However, to their shock and dismay, they discovered that the state of the homes were badly affected and they lacked manpower to clean-up the damage.

( Source : @parthikk / Twitter)

“My friends and I love our small town very much and we felt it was our duty to help the people in need in this town that we’re going through a hard time because of this unexpected flood,” said Gavin, one of the volunteers.

After seeing the condition of the homes, the volunteers met up again to plan what they needed to buy for both of the homes. They also contacted the homeowners while making several other calls to bring in extra donations from generous members of the community. On July 21, the volunteers had made a second visit to the homes after the supplies were bought and the donations were collected.

( Source : @YouthgenO / Twitter)

“Although the day was tiring, it was a good one well spent as we managed to help those in need and I got to see my friends after months of not seeing them due to COVID 19, ” added Gavin.

According to The News Straits Times, the recent flash floods in Kajang were said to be one of the worst hits ever by the residents of the area, as waters reached more than a meter causing a loss of properties and items for most people.

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