Subang School Students Invent Herbal Oil-Infused Face Masks & Win Big at Innovation Awards

Since the Covid-19 pandemic is acting like a pesky house guest that just doesn’t want to leave, many innovators have created new and improved ways for us to wear masks without feeling any discomfort throughout the day.

Recently, Uniqlo released their Airism face masks range that has gotten rave reviews for its washability, convenience and overall breathability.

source: NST

As a way to continue revolutionising face masks, a group of Subang students created washable three-ply face masks with changeable filters of herbal patches derived from natural ingredients.

These nine students from SJKT Ladang Ekor, Subang Jaya proved their ingenuity when they won both the Diamond and Gold awards at the Virtual Invention, Innovation and Design Pharm-IIDEx 2020 which was organised by Universiti Teknologi Mara’s pharmacy faculty for their “Super Shield Face Mask” and the Bronze award for their “Herbal Air Purifying Oil”.

source: Shopify

The oils are infused with six herbal ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties. While there is no mention of which herbs they will offer during their first run, the students are already planning to include new additions such as basil and curry leaves into the mix.

To emphasise how awesome this invention is, let us list down the benefits of basil and curry leaves essential oil.

Basil Leaves

source: freepik

While you’ve probably used this herb in your western dishes, basil actually has more benefits than just making your food taste good. It’s mostly used in aiding with:

  • acne
  • anxiety
  • bronchitis
  • colds and coughs
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • gout
  • indigestion &
  • sinus

Curry Leaves

source: deorta

Again, usually an essential in the kitchen, especially for us Malaysians with an affinity for spicy food, curry leaves carry much more benefits than just in cooking. Many use curry leaves for:

  • strengthening hair follicles
  • stress and anxiety
  • eyesight
  • oral health
  • diabetes &
  • skin issues

With all those benefits listed, it’s clearer now why these incredibly intelligent children deserved their award. Let’s hope they commercialise it soon so we can all get these health benefits while protecting ourselves from the dangerous Covid-19 virus.