Netizens Praise Penang Siblings For Collecting Face Masks In Neighbourhood To Prevent Infections

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(Source:Vasugi Ramasamy on Facebook)

There used to be a time where plastic bottles, cans and paper wrappers were the most commonly littered items on the streets, but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, countless face masks have been found due to some irresponsible Malaysians.

To tackle the worsening issue, Penang siblings Vasugi Ramasamy and Suriya Kuppusamy from Sungai Bakap have started an initiative to collect face masks that have been littered around the Sungai Bakap and Parit Buntar area.

The siblings, who were seen dressed in full gear with gloves, masks and even motorcycle helmets, stated that the purpose of this act was to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria during the pandemic.

“Please dispose of your masks properly, this matter can not only endanger the lives of senior citizens but children too as this can cause a high risk of infections, we don’t know if they would have strong immune systems to protect themselves from the pandemic,” said Vasugi.

(Source:Vasugi Ramasamy on Facebook)

Vasugi’s Facebook post has garnered over 400 likes now with netizens praising both siblings for being caring towards the community at such an unprecedented time.

( Source : Vasugi Ramasamy on Facebook)
(Source:Vasugi Ramasamy on Facebook)

Vasugi and her sibling’s role in picking up littered face masks is a friendly reminder for us all to be more considerate to our environment and dispose our masks properly.