Burger King Creates Face Masks With Orders On Them So Customers Don’t Even Have To Speak

( Source : Adage)

According to The New York Times, when talking, a person can produce thousands of droplets so small that they remain suspended in the air for 8 to 14 minutes – enough time for the COVID-19 virus to spread. To avoid transmission, masks have become an essential daily part of life, especially when communicating.

Inspired by this, Burger King Belgium created custom printed face masks with orders written on them so that customers will not have to speak at all when it comes to ordering food, which also helps to lessen the spread of the virus as reported in marketing news website, Ad Age.

The masks can be ordered by the customers by commenting on Burger King’s Facebook, and while the masks’ orders are written in French in the Facebook post, the photos of the masks in Ad Age are written in English (which leads us to believe there are at least two versions).

The coronavirus has forced many fast-food chains all over the world to adhere to a number of safety measures like contactless payment and frequent sanitisation. To keep business growing during the new normal, Burger King also created other promotions like the ‘the social distancing Whopper’ that’s triple loaded with onions.

We hope that these masks will be available for all Burger King outlets worldwide soon, ’cause frankly, why order when the cashier can read our minds masks?