WATCH: Tired of Being Human? Play As a Squirrel With a Gun in Upcoming PC Game

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Squirrel with a Gun on Steam

How bad is the state of your life right now?

Is your boss giving you a hard time at work?

Are Malaysian drivers tempting you to commit murder every time traffic comes to a standstill?

Did your significant other of 2 years leave you in the dust?

Well, channel all that anger and play as a squirrel with a gun in this upcoming game called – well – Squirrel With A Gun ’cause sometimes, you don’t need a creative title when the concept is good enough on its own…

Reminiscent of games like Garry’s Mod and Saints Row, Squirrel With A Gun focuses on exploration and shooting combat as you roam the streets as a furry friend with a cold vengeance towards the human race.

Despite the numerous available weapons and melee attacks, you don’t have to use your rodent capabilities for anarchy.

Squirrel with a Gun is the perfect game for fans of weapon-wielding rodents | TechSpot

You can choose to be noble by helping out your neighbours in exchange for goodies. But, knowing how desperate for escapism some of us are, you can just mug these innocent residents instead. It’s more fun that way.

The game received serious traction on Twitter, especially now since the trailer has dropped.

Watch it below:

The game is yet to be released but you can add it to your wishlist on Steam by clicking here.

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