Spotted by Photographer, Homeless Mother of 10 Children Receives RM10,000 Aid Incl. Baju Raya & Laptops From State MP

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The life of this mother of 10 children changed in a blink of an eye, or more aptly the snap of a shutter, when a photographer spotted her from a nearby restaurant, camping outside.

37-year-old Rosliza Hassan was evicted from her home due to the pile of debt she owed to the owner of her house. Weeping amidst miscellaneous house items like an old refrigerator, fan and mattresses, the woman’s plight was witnessed by a photographer who quickly informed Bukit Mertajam MP Steven Sim.

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After receiving the news, the MP rushed to the family to offer assistance. He took the family to McDonald’s for a meal before taking them to a hypermarket where he bought them groceries, electrical equipment and other necessities.

Since Ramadhan is swiftly approaching followed by Hari Raya, Sim even bought the family their baju raya and some toys for the children.

Now, the family is situated in a fully-furnished rented home along with all their recently purchased electrical equipment. According to Sim’s team, the MP spent over RM10,000 in aiding Rosliza and her family.

He even gifted the family with laptops so the children, aged 10, 12 and 14 have access to online learning.

Prior to this sudden stroke of luck and kindness, Rosliza earned RM700 a month as a restaurant helper, which was clearly not enough to support her 10 children, ranging from the age of 3 to 21. Her rent alone cost RM500 which doesn’t give the family much money to eat.

On good days, the family would eat fried rice with soy sauce and onions but most of the time, the family couldn’t even afford to eat fried rice with just salt.

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In a phone interview with FMT, between sobs, Rosliza would recount her plights and the sacrifices her children had to make to survive. Her 16-year-old had to drop out of high school and start helping at the restaurant for extra wages. Her eldest, a 21-year-old is married with responsibilities of his own towards his new family.

Her husband is barely in the picture. According to Rosliza, he “came and left as he pleased.”

With the current aid from Sim, the mother of 10 hopes to start a stall, selling mee goreng, pasembor and mee kuah so she can continue to support her family. She told FMT,

“This is Allah’s blessing to me. I have prayed daily that my life will get better. It will be a special Ramadan for me, I am so grateful.”

If you wish to help out, send a WhatsApp message to FMT’s Helpline at 019-3899839.