Nasi Lemak Seller Goes from Trolley to Stall With the Help of FT Ministry

(Source: FMT News)

Countless people have lost their jobs since the coronavirus pandemic began, and now with the ever-extending CMCO, more are turning to side-jobs and starting small, independent businesses such as setting up hawker stalls just to keep their lives afloat.

Recently, cleaner-turned-Nasi Lemak stall owner Nurajahan Mariamah Abdullah (aka Mary) was granted a hawker licence and stall by the federal territories ministry after her struggle was made known on several social media sites.

(Source: Rizal Hakim on Facebook)

According to Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa in FMT News, the ministry will provide long-term assistance to Mary in hopes of reducing her burden and increasing her monthly income with a proper stall, adding that she would have a stable job as a licensed trader in the future.

Another trader in the same area known as Jenny had also been granted a temporary licence to operate her business by the ministry too.

(Source: Rizal Hakim On Twitter)

Before her stall, Mary used to sell her nasi lemak by pushing a trolley from her home in Jalan Klang Lama all the way to the Taman Desa Waterpark, and did not manage to sell everything off every day.

Right now with her new stall, Mary operates her business from 7 am to 10 am along Jalan Desa Utama and is even looking to expand her business with chicken and squid sambal nasi lemak.

(Source: Rizal Hakim)

Apart from the stall, the ministry had also presented the single mother of three children with the keys to her new flat at a People’s Housing Project (PPR) in Seri Cempaka, Jalan Kampung Pasir, with a rental of RM124 per month by the ministry too.

While Mary’s challenges were addressed by the government, there are many others who are going through similar or worst scenarios like this mak cik who had to pick up trash for a living until an anonymous donor saved the day.