Former Air Stewardess, Single Mother Bounces Back Selling ‘Nasi Kukus Ayam’ After Losing Job

(Source: Ryefortoday on Twitter)

The ongoing pandemic has definitely caused many setbacks for a lot of people especially the ones who were once involved in the aviation industry. Now, with flights grounded, many pilots and cabin crew are forced to find other alternatives to get by.

Nur Shareen Mohd Zaini, a former air stewardess, decided to make the best out of the situation by selling nasi kukus ayam to get by since she was laid off from her job in March.

The 41-year-old along with her mother and sibling sell their famous nasi kukus ayam at Taman Lavender Heights, Senawang, and it was not long before almost everyone in the area became familiar with her store, referring to it as nasi kukus pramugari. 

(Source: Ryefortoday on Twitter)

Nur Shareen claims that the spices and ingredients that her family uses to make the dish are specially made in Kota Bahru, Kelantan, and that’s what makes her nasi kukus ayam different from the rest.

She told Utusan Malaysia that she started her business with just RM200, and managed to sell 50 packets of nasi kukus ayam on the first day.

(Source:ryefortoday on Twitter)

Although, Nur Shareen, who has been air stewardess since 1997, is sad that she can’t go back to her original job due to the pandemic, she feels thankful that she is prepared to face these tough times with her nasi kukus business.

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