Spammers Hijack ‘Kita Jaga Malaysia’ App by Asking For iPhones & Promoting Prostitution

Want to help those in need? Search for white flags in your area with the Kita  Jaga Malaysia website | The Star
source: The Star

In response to the climbing amount of families who have lost their source of income due to the everlasting lockdowns, the community has launched the #BenderaPutih initiative which allows these families to call for help by raising a white flag.

As a way to centralise the movement, a group of Malaysian developers created the Bendera Putih app, which has since been rebranded to Sambal SOS and the Kita Jaga Malaysia website app.

These apps were celebrated by the masses since it not only showed locations of white flags but also food banks nearby.

However, it seems like we can’t have nice things for very long.

Recently, Twitter user @lynfunkstar noticed that users were hijacking the Kita Jaga Malaysia app and using it to spam harmful messages and fake calls for help.

In the two examples she uploaded, users were pretending to be pimps and asking for iPhones through the app. Take a look…

Since the app is in its infancy stage, there isn’t a way to report these spammers on the platform itself but Twitter users have found a way to make sure these hijackers stay off the app.

All you have to do is report it to their Telegram. Provide a screenshot and the admins will remove the user.

These apps were supposed to be a safe haven for Malaysians to call for help and provide assistance in order to bolster each other through this pandemic.

With idiots (and possibly cybertroopers) encroaching this space and attempting to turn it into a laughing stock, some netizens have suggested the Uno-reverse method where we troll them back.

Here is my favourite suggestion: