Rakyat-Designed Bendera Putih App Makes It Easier For You To Track White Flag & Food Bank Locations

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Sejarah 'Bendera Putih' | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
source: FMT

The #BenderaPutih initiative has taken the internet by storm over the past week.

Showing solidarity amongst the community and providing swift aid to needy households, the hashtag has traversed the online realm and made its way into actual implementation in real life.

source: Benderaputihapp on Facebook

Despite still being in its infancy stage, Malaysian developers have already created a titular web app to help centralise the movement and locations of those in need as well as make it easier for the community to spot these white flags.

According to a comment on Reddit, the app was developed by student volunteers on the Bendera Putih Progressive Web App (PWA).

Acting as a GPS system, the app notifies users of the locations of white flags and food banks around your area.

Take a look at the user interface:

According to the Facebook page of Bendera Putih App, the tracking makes use of Google Maps and users can click on each flag or food bank to know more details.

Since it’s still new, you might face some problems but the developers encourage you to clear your cache and retry. It’s also recommended for users to access the app through Google Chrome for optimum usage.

Other features of the app include an ‘Ask for help’ button where you can include a picture and address to your own residence.

Location of food banks are constantly being updated through a crowdsourced Google Sheets list to ensure that none of these important sources of aid will go unturned.

This is definitely a useful initiative and it’s commendable how quick Malaysians acted in response to the #BenderaPutih movement. Take a look at netizens’ response to the app…

To use the app, click here.