Something is Visibly ‘Off’ With The New ‘Visit Malaysia 2020’ Logo…

Recently, the new Visit Malaysia 2020 logo was launched by Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, but Malaysians were quick to realise that something was definitely wrong with the typography of the logo.


The new logo, while pleasing to the eye in terms of aesthetics, makes Malaysians scratch their heads at the awkward grammar. “Visit Truly Asia Malaysia” not only goes against the brand and tagline we have gotten used to for years which is, “Malaysia, Truly Asia” but it just sounds wrong in terms of grammar. Plus, our jingle won’t sound the same anymore which is saddening…

Despite the massive amount of criticism faced by the public, Tourism and Culture minister, Mohamaddin Ketapi (the guy that hashtag-ed his own name on the tweet attached to the newly launched logo), said,

“The usage of the English language in the logo was correct and only those who were not well-versed with the language would deem the phrasing as wrong.”

Sheesh… Calm your horses with that sharp perli to Malaysian citizens please.

To make matters worse, it has been circulating around the internet that the logo might be plagiarised. These allegations were denied swiftly by Ketapi and he even called the public foolish for believing hoaxes pertaining to the plagiarism of the logo.

As with anything in this world, people are bound to get unhappy because of course, you can’t please everyone. However, when a massive majority of people are speaking out against something, maybe you should lower your ego and listen instead of shutting the world out in fear of being challenged.

Here is the tweet that perfectly illustrates the general consensus of the new logo.

To compare with the old logo would be an insult to capable graphic designers everywhere because of its sheer lack of effort and passion. See for yourself down below.

Some Twitter users are even submitting other designs that they feel are more deserving.

All in all, our complaints fall on deaf ears as Ketapi refuses to alter the logo or the tagline in any way shape or form. So, I guess it’s “Visit Malaysia Truly Asia 2020” for us after all. Don’t worry though, maybe the climate change will kill us before the new year rings.

I’m signing off with this gem. Cheers!

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