This Photographer is (Not Afraid of) Exposing Our Flaws

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(Source: Metro)

In this age of social media, most pictures that are posted are in someway or another edited with filters or Photoshopped to remove our physical flaws (as if makeup wasn’t enough). We want to portray ourselves as perfect as possible so people’s perception or impression of us are positive.

But photographer Peter DeVito begs to differ. He posts raw pictures of his subjects’ so-called ‘flaws’ and adds stereotypes in captions on their flaws–like ‘too femme’ and ‘boys don’t cry’.

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A post shared by PJ DeVito (@peterdevito) on

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A post shared by PJ DeVito (@peterdevito) on

In an interview with Teen Vogue, DeVito explains:

“The whole point of me posting is to help empower other people.”

We are pressured by mankind to have this ideal image when all of us are born differently. That’s what creates our individuality. However, we try our best to follow standards to fit in which ultimately makes us unhappy or lost as we are trying to be someone else.

(Source: Peter DEVITO)

DeVito voiced out to Elle:

“I’m hoping that people will start to learn to accept themselves more and not compare themselves to what other people look like.”

Accepting and loving ourselves is one of the biggest challenges for younger generations caught in the digital era where self-obsession and -promotion seem to be the driving factor for success.

DeVito is setting a great example to the world, old and young alike, that we should look beyond the touch-ups.

What do you guys think of his work? Check his posts out on insta.


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