Indiana Jones, Friday Nights and Jurassic Park, Albert Hammond Jr. Answers Your Burning Questions

Most people knew him through his many riffs with The Strokes, but Albert Hammond Jr. is more than just a guitarist, he’s a multitalented rockstar and overall cool guy.

There’s no surprise that his latest record, Francis Trouble does so well. It’s a visceral album that showcases the side of Mr. Hammond Jr in full swing. With honest song writing and catchy guitar tunes, songs like ‘Set to Attack’, ‘Far Away Truths’ and ‘Muted Beatings’ are basically anthems at places where he performs.

photo credit: All Is Amazing

After being treated to an amazing and energetic show, we had the chance to sit down with the guitarist-turned-solo artiste. With his tucked in, rolled-sleeved T-Rex tee, Albert hummed to a song while checking himself out in a mirror, he got out of the room and came back in with a cup of tea and sat down with us for an interview, looking cool as hell.

But beneath those glorious curls and Ray-Ban, he’s a super nice guy. So we did something fun with Albert where we asked the questions you sent in. Check out the interview below:

Yep. He’s pretty serious when it comes to Jurassic Park, so to future filmmakers – don’t f*ck up good franchises! (We’re looking at you, Michael Bay)

If you haven’t listen to Francis Trouble then what are you doing with your life? Listen to the record here and follow Albert Hammond Jr. on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

A special thanks to our friends at Apom! for gifting Mr. Albert Hammond Jr. with some sick tees. Cop ’em here.