PHOTOS: SEA Skate Film ‘Nusantara’ Gets Exclusive Screening with Cash For Tricks Skate Contest

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Mario Palandeng (provided by VANS)

JUICE likes to pride itself in thinking we’re the Malaysian Jenkem Magazine due to our constant coverage of skateboarding news and pop culture.

From our reports on new and improved skate spots to our movie reviews and conversations with local skaters, we definitely don’t shy away from sharing all the latest details revolving skate culture in Malaysia.

However, we’re also interested in our skater neighbours from Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

With the latest SEA skate film, Nusantara, we get to see some of the finest South East Asian skaters dominate the ramps and bowls.

Integrating what we love most, music and skating, the film also sprinkles in some musical talents from each country to complement the skate parts of famous skaters Rubianda, Mario Palandeng, Feroze Rahman, Sharil Effendy and Fikri Fauzi.

Rubianda (provided by VANS)

Nusantara is a project by Mark Adrian Khor who dons the hats of producer, main filmer and editor.

He explains that it actually started off as a small project amongst friends before burgeoning into a full-fledged film.

He said, “Basically, the goal was to gather the team for trips to visit each others’ hometown to skate and film a video part. So it was Jakarta & Bali for Indonesia, Singapore and a few states around Malaysia, based on which country all the riders are from.”

Fikri Fauzi (provided by VANS)

Each skater was filmed in their respective hometowns, adding a more personal element to their parts.

With that, viewers can also enjoy spotting landmarks from different cities across the three countries involved: Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Nusantara will be available in USB format in an exclusive packaging in selected skate shops across Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore beginning 18 February 2022.

There will also be an exclusive screening for Nusantara happening at RexKL on 17 February as well as a skate competition where skaters can land tricks for cash.

If you’re interested, you can RSVP for the event here.

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