Shopee Seller Tries to Sell Doraemon’s Time Machine For RM50, Claims It Can Take You Back to 2019

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source: Doraemon Wiki

When 2020 ended, many people on social media reminisced about how good 2019 actually was, and how they would’ve lived the YOLO-life more if they only knew how horrible and tiring this pandemic would be.

Now, a seller on Shopee is claiming to be able to make that come true… sorta. We all remember the animated series Doraemon which is adored through many generations of fans. Inspired by the time machine shown in the nostalgic series, someone decided to sell what they claim to be an actual working version of it on Shopee for RM50.

source: World of Buzz

The seller, who even got a 4.7 rating wrote a detailed description of the product manufactured in Japan, including the warranty period because you know, time travel can get bumpy.

According to its description, the pre-loved time machine (Nobita used it) is suitable for anyone who’s had enough of Covid-19.

So far, 20 people have bought it.

source: World of Buzz

The fictitious offer got the attention of many netizens for its humour. For that, the seller decided to take down the post on Shopee, calling it a day (in 2021).

To the 20 people who are now back in 2019, remember that Covid-19 started in November, so do something about it!