Drone Shots & A Music Video: A Peek Into The Infamous SG House In Bukit Gasing

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source: Corpse Army Media

Since news of its auction headlined local media pieces last month, the cryptic stories and rumours which shroud the disreputable ‘SG house’ in Bukit Gasing have resurfaced unforgivably.

Put simply, these allegations mostly entail a murder mystery whereby the house owner,  Sanjay Gill had supposedly cheated on his wife, prompting her to kill the mistress and hang her decapitated head on the front door.

There is also a legend about a spiritual teacher named Shihan Goh, who resided there, practised occult rituals, and belonged to a covert organisation.

Although prevalent, none of these rumours were ever confirmed- yet, they undoubtedly add to the house’s enigmatic flair. Locals have not only photographed the residence from the outside, but have uploaded drone clips and shot a full music video inside the home.

Watch the drone clip here, courtesy of a local TikTok user (with a playful jump scare at the end):

@shantiyasaravanan_ The infamous Selangor Ghost House by #sivawwc ♬ Suara Musik Malam Seram – Rusli Ridwan

Meshed with creepy music, the house is seen in all its eerie glory, dilapidated and plastered with graffiti. Random numbers along the stairwell and what appears to be a pentagram are shown in the first seconds of the video, further setting the mood.

Honourable mentions are the sentence “do not cross this room” written next to a door leading to a bathroom, and “RUN” written on a pillar on the balcony, in angry red capital letters.

Albeit off-putting, there have been numerous prior reports of squatters or scavengers breaking in to steal wires and toilet fixtures, as well as curious individuals entering the home to steal a glimpse of it and possibly vandalising the house. This might explain all the doodling and freshly wet floors.

Evidently, the abandoned bungalow is not off limits to the public, and has even been used to shoot the music video for ‘Maruthe Idhayam’ (changing my mind), a song by local artist Amos Paul:

The room in which the video was shot is visible from the 51-second mark of the drone clip.

Despite the choice of location, the tune has nothing to do with the house’s apparent history, nor the concept of horror at all. Rather, it’s a pretty heartfelt breakup song.

Either way, now that the home has been entrusted to new owners (at a whopping price of RM4.4 million), all this footage and tall tales are likely to be buried in the past as the building is refurbished and once again turned into a home.