“Focus On foodpanda Now”: Netizens Mock Rina Harun Following GE15 Loss Using Pics From Old Ad

source: FMT

It wasn’t too long ago that netizens trolled former Women, Family and Community Development minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun over a photo she posted of herself. Rina was clad in the foodpanda rider uniform we’re all familiar with, as part of her role in a Hari Raya ad which came out last year.

In the clip, the politician sent a food package to an elderly couple from their son. She then encouraged viewers to forgive and strengthen their love for one another during the festive season.

The video was quick to go viral as netizens collectively criticised her for being somewhat classist, with many saying that it would be better for her to establish some type of insurance policy or financial care for riders, rather than acting as one while others just laughed at the concept of Rina dressed as a food delivery rider in general.

The taunts have since resurfaced following Rina’s loss to PH’s Aiman Athirah, who took over the PN seat with 56,264 votes. Amran Faizal, a comedian, seized the chance to repost the photo, taking a harsh dig at Rina and the downfall of her political career.

“Congratulations Rina Harun. You can now focus completely on foodpanda,” he remarked sarcastically on Facebook.

At the time of writing, the posting is around 2 days old, and has garnered over 600 shares, nearly 30k reactions and over 1000 comments, many of which playing into the joke with remarks such as, “She can really do anything.”

Nevertheless, amongst the negativity exists a few comments from netizens who called out the “bad vibes”, noting that mocking someone for their loss was unjust and uncalled for.

One user likened the political fight to a game of football, saying that there will be wins and losses, but morals and attitudes should not be compromised in the process- to which Amran responded, “Bola sepak tendang bola, politik tendang hang” (Football kicks the ball, politics kick you).

What do you think? Is this a harmless joke or have netizens gone too far?