Sarawak Teacher Creates Makeshift Swimming Pool To Educate Students About Swimming & Its Rules

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(Source: NST)

With the CMCO in progress, all sports and recreational activities are temporarily banned for the time being making this a minor setback for teachers who have to educate children about the do’s and don’ts of swimming and the dangers that lie within it.

However, in a Facebook post gone viral, Muhammad Nazmi, a teacher in Sarawak has managed to tackle the problem by creating a makeshift swimming pool overnight by using blue plastic bags to represent the water, as most of his students have not been to a swimming pool or a beach before.

🏊‍♀️ Making swimming Pool using 200 plastic bags

“Let’s build sandcastles! Woozaa!”
“Err we are going to swimming pool…

Posted by Muhammad Nazmi on Saturday, October 17, 2020

This interactive lesson was taught to a class of Year 3 students, where they were tested on speaking, reading and thinking skills as they were introduced to the rules of the swimming pool along with examples.

After they understood the theory, the students were then brought to the DIY swimming pool where their knowledge was put to the test in a simulated real life situation.

Below, we can seem some students practising to swim across to save their classmate on a lifebuoy.

(Source: Muhammad Nazmi on Facebook)

To get more in touch with the rules, the students also made posters of the rules such as “no smoking” and “no running”. They also had to present on why the selected rules were important.

(Muhammad Nazmi on Facebook)

Lastly, the students had to discuss what was the importance of having to take a shower before jumping into a swimming pool – that’s why the students are pretending to wrap themselves in towels as if they just got out of the water in the picture above.

In every exercise, Nazmi joined in the fun by floating on a lifebuoy and pretending he was in the water as well, wearing a life jacket, goggles and swimming trunks.

(Muhammad Nazmi on Facebook)

Although some found Nazmi’s plastic bag-swimming pool lesson to be creative, others had mixed reactions towards Nazmi’s choice of plastic bags instead of something more eco-friendly.

So recently my tweet about my ‘Plastic Bag Swimming Pool’ went viral & received mixed reactions. Some of it were ‘pissed…

Posted by Muhammad Nazmi on Monday, October 19, 2020

Due to this, Nazmi released a statement on Facebook, apologising if the use of plastic bags had upset anyone but also explained that his school is located in a rural area, and it’s difficult to get supplies. He also stated that he had tried his best to ask around the school for supplies and even considered old clothes and canvases.

Meanwhile, other netizens supported and praised Nazmi for being such a dedicated teacher and are happy that his students are blessed with such a fun teacher.

(Muhammad Nazmi on Facebook)

Teachers are really the unsung heroes of our lives. We doubt the students will ever forget this lesson and Nazmi even after they’ve graduated.