M’sian Animation Studio Highlights Learning Disabilities in Students In Their Short Animation, KRING!

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(Source: teacher suraya on instagram)

We don’t realise this until we’ve graduated, but teachers put in so much effort into their work in order to see their students succeed. Brainy Bones Studios, a local animation company depicts the story of a teacher going out of her way for a student to understand a subject in their short film, Kring!.

The film which was uploaded on YouTube in July last year has since won many awards locally and internationally including Next Generation Winner Award at the 21st DigiCon6 Asia Awards 2019, Best Animation Short at the Fourth International Film Festival On Disabilities 2020; and Official Selection Award at the Animation Marathon 2019, Intellectual Property Creator Challenge 2018, Cinelebu International Film Festival 2020 and MAAC-24FPS International Animation Awards 2019.

The 7-minute film highlights the story of primary school student, Mael who suffers from a disability called dyscalculia, which is a specific learning disorder with impairment in mathematics.

To Mael, all numbers are little drawings that he makes up in his mind, and the problem is that he’s the only one that can understand it while others just see doodles.

(Source: Kring on Youtube)

To help him get better at the subject, Mael’s teacher, Suraya helps him with countless extra classes but he still doesn’t get the answers right, which worries Suraya, even making her question herself as a teacher, as his grades keep dropping.

However, after many attempts, Suraya finally manages to find the right way to teach Mael maths after understanding the way Mael interprets numbers.

(Source: Kring on Youtube)

In the end, Mael achieves a better grade in his test, which leaves him shocked and happy.

According to the News Straits Times, the director of the film, Hilmi Ismail stated that learning disabilities in schools need to be highlighted more in Malaysia as many students suffer from it but due to negligence, they don’t perform well in class.

He also describes Kring! as a heart-warming story about a teacher who did not give up on her pupil and tried her best to adapt her teaching style to suit his needs.

Kring! is definitely a must-watch short film that should be given more recognition for the way it shines a light on how every student is different, and how teachers go the extra mile to help each one of them.